AirCare Bundle

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Enhance your washroom experience by eliminating unwanted smells. Buy two Aquarius AirCare dispensers and get one case of fragrance refill for free.

AirCare Bundle

Buy two of the following:

  • 6994 Aquarius AirCare Dispenser

Get one case of the following for free:

  • 6185 Zen AirCare Fragrance Refill OR
  • 6188 Energy AirCare Fragrance Refill OR
  • 6189 Joy AirCare Fragrance Refill OR
  • 6190 Fresh AirCare Fragrance Refill

Why this bundle?

Fact: 73% of consumers believe a bad washroom indicated poor management. Further, the top washroom complaint was about a "really bad smell." Complete your coordinated washroom range with the Aquarius AirCare fragrance system. The dispenser is fully programmable and includes a 90 day setting which increases the lifespan of refills by up to 50%. The AirCare refills are a range of different floral fragrances to enhance the washroom experience. Each refill includes 6000 shots which, depending on programmed setting, lasts up to 90 days.

Bundle Terms: Offer is available for new and existing Kimberly-Clark buyers. Valid while bundle stocks lasts. Taurus Maintenance reserves the right to limit quantities sold.
Bundle AirCare Bundle
6994 Aquarius AirCare Dispenser
Programmable, lockable fragrance dispenser
Free Energy/Joy/Fresh AirCare Fragrance
Case contains: 6 units x 300ml = 1800ml
Shots per case: 36000 shots (270 days)
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